Mighty floor cleaning

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Carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning for Commercial and high end residential
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    Logo Name
    Mighty floor cleaning
    Company Intro
    Carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning for Commercial and high end residential
    We like the idea of a "stamp" style logo, with the 100% satisfaction guarantee incorporated around the stamp somewhere. I have uploaded an OLD SCHOOL and SUITCASE logo that we also like, id like similar without the 100% written but with stars inculded with a small line above and below the stars, also if possible like these logos (the blotchy old looking) but with the steel/metal look The attached aqua bay logo we love. The reflection on the writing. we dont want much of a background, just the logo. Potentially some rough marks on the background maybe like the attached rough background logo. We like an aqua or copper color idea mostly, we dont want pasty reds or greens or anything. The attached carpet cleaning wand wed like to be incorporated into one of the letters. We dont mind the attached lightning blue color. Overall we like the look of the attached 100% quality/satisfaction look, but a little more modern like the reflective aqua bay attachment. The best music and arts logo is another we really like, how theyve incorporated the paint brushes on the S of the arts, we want something like that with the carpet cleaning wand. Overall we want a more modern look of the quality logo thats attached in the form of the aqua bay logo attached with the satisfaction guarantee incorporated into it with the carpet cleaning wand used as part of a letter somewhere.
    Mighty floor cleaning satisfaction.jpg
    mighty floor cleaning blue lightning.jpg
    mighty floor cleaning logo copper colour.jpg
    Mighty floor cleaning logo rough background.jpg
    Mighty floor cleaning wand for underline.jpg
    MFC Old school logo.jpg
    MFC Suitcase logo.jpg

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    ben3 months ago
    How many designs are we able to get from you apart from the main one??
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    5 Stars
    Brilliant, read the brief entirely, didn't hesitate to change anything we asked for and was done very promptly! Highly recommended and will be used again!!