Yoga, as a recreational-spiritual discipline, is a very interesting area that requires a specific approach if we talk about design in this sphere, and this should be kept in mind especially when it comes to making an yoga logo.

The people with whom such a logo will communicate are people who often attach importance to symbols in a special way, so in that sense, the logo plays a big role as a carrier of energy and communication of the message you want to send. Colors, elements, and fonts are also important here in an additional special way.

In this article, we will deal with the most important things to pay attention to when creating a yoga logo.

The colors

The colors of the yoga logo can be different, but most often they are green, yellow, and blue as the colors of nature, ie, sky, water, sun, trees, meadows, ie. the natural environment, everything around us, and what nature is. Harmony with nature, in any case, is the ultimate goal of this recreational-spiritual discipline.

Of course, if your brand is more focused on the female population, then inserting so-called “more feminine colors” such as pink and purple is certainly the right thing to do. These colors, pink and purple, can also play a role in emphasizing the “spiritual” side of yoga. Many people experience yoga primarily as a good thing for physical health, but a number of people view yoga as primarily a discipline essential to spiritual inner harmony.

Example of yoga logo communicating more feminine message!

Colors are ultimately important, so always choose a designer who has previous experience in making yoga logos, because it is certain that he has already experienced how much even the smallest nuance changes the meaning of certain elements contained in a yoga logo that communicates in a very sensitive way.

The elements

The most common elements used in logos related to the sphere of yoga are the lotus flower, mandalas, meditation poses, gymnastics poses, fitness poses, and elements of nature such as the sun, a drop of water, or a tree.

Each of these elements emphasizes a particular thing. As we have said, yoga has two sides, namely physical health on the one hand and spiritual and mental health on the other. 

Sometimes the approach to yoga is more modern and communicates in a simpler language without delving into the history and the deeper side of the spiritual story of yoga practice, while there are brands that are based on this deep perception of yoga and it is very important to emphasize this deep perception of yoga – yoga as a spiritual practice. Depending on what we want to emphasize, we also choose the elements we want to emphasize.

Yoga - modern logo
Example of a modern “black & white” concept of yoga logo

Simply put, the element that depicts a gymnastic figure is less indicative of spirituality than a mandala. Determine the elements of your logo according to the target group of people you want to attract and according to what will best represent what you offer. This is one of the things that is very important to explain well to the designer you hire!

The fonts and inscription

It is perhaps superfluous to talk about the sensitivity of the font and the importance of choosing the right one. Very often the crucial thing in making a logo. Let’s take a non-yoga area for example education and the logo. The designer has worked to ensure that the logo is understated and concise, choosing
the best color and font size”.

Hours of experimentation and at least a few dozen solutions are what you should definitely expect from a designer who has set out to create a yoga logo and who wants to convey the message and energy of your brand in the right way.

Example of a yoga logo with a spiritual message and a tagline!

What we will emphasize here is how important it is to consider an additional inscription, that is, a tagline as an instrument to further clarify the message you want to communicate. Also, the advice might be to consider combining multiple fonts. In that case, you can effectively combine the two spheres that characterize yoga, and those are the ones we have already mentioned: physical health and spiritual health. 

Fonts and inscriptions in the logotype are definitely the most important thing in making any logo, and they seem to be especially important in making a yoga logo that always carries with it the task of more complex communication.