We get lots of requests about post guest articles on our blog. So we decided to create this page to make the process of creating guest posts on 48hourslogo blog more efficient. We welcome guest posts and sponsored articles on this blog. Your article should be related to the topic of branding, design, or small business marketing in general. If your article is truly authentic and educational, we will publish it free of charge. If you have a more promotional content, we will charge a fee in order to publish.

How to publish guest post

The quickest way is to send your article to [email protected] for review. If we like the article, we will publish it free of charge on our blog including any embedded links. If we feel the article lacks in quality or is promotional in nature, we will also reply and let you know if we can publish it with a fee. 

We are flexible on the topic as long as it’s related to business branding, graphic design, and small business marketing. All newly published articles will appear on 48hourslogo home page for maximum exposure.

Your article will appear on the bottom of 48hourslogo homepage for maximum exposure

Our family of blogs

In addition to the 48hourslogo blog, we also have other blogs also accepting guest posts.

https://freelancelogodesign.com/blog/ featuring logo design related topics

https://www.logoai.com/blog/ focus on design and branding in general

Please take a look our family of blogs and let us know which site you would like to work with. Please keep in mind that we use copyscape to check for plagiarism so make sure you have not published your content anywhere else.

We love partnerships

If you also have a blog or business in graphics design and online marketing, we love building partnerships and cross marketing opportunities. Feel free to reach out with your proposal and let’s find a way for us to work together.