winning logo design key abilities coverCan you define that “WOW” factor that makes some logos just pop? It all boils down to three key abilities. Be sure to keep in mind what they are before picking your next logo design. 

How do you decide if one logo is better than another? If you are running a logo contest, you will have to sometime. Probably after forty-eight hours (wink wink). The most successful logos have these three abilities in common. What are they? Let’s find out:


Does your logo read well? Is there a flow, left to right, or up to down? Consider how your logo will look is shrunk down. You might get pens with your logo design to pass out. Does it get blurry or unreadable at smaller sizes. Logos with too much detail tend to do this.

man reading a newspaper
Would this guy be able to notice your logo if you made the local newspaper?

On the other end of the spectrum, how does it blow up? In the future you might get a vehicle wrap or billboard. Does the detail in your logo design reveal anything? If you enlarge the design and crop it you don’t want anything being seen as inappropriate. Don’t wind up on one of those logos gone wrong lists. The goal is for your logo design to be recognizable across a range of sizes.


This refers to how well you potential logo will work throughout your brand. Think about how your winning logo design will be used. Do you plan on getting t-shirts, invoices, stationary, or social media pages? You want to make sure your logo has elements in it that can be pulled out and used as design elements. Things like using an icon only, or can you create a pattern with it, or a tightly crop it to highlight specific details. An entire brand can be created from the logo you choose. Make sure the logo you choose can be used for a variety of purposes without much variation.  


Choose a logo that speaks specifically to your target audience. They are the most important group you are trying to reach. Is there something unique in your logo that is specific to your industry? There should be. Could you still use your logo if you completely switched what you sell? (You shouldn’t be able to.)

logo that targets your audience
Narrow down who you’re trying to reach to communicate to them more effectively.

The winning logo design should be distinct and resonate within a community. If it calls to them, they’re more likely to become passionate about your business and share your message with others. Get them pumped! Think twice about whether your winning logo design communicates your business to your customers. 


Before choosing a winning logo design, stop and ask yourself if it posses these three key abilities. Is it readable across a wide range of sizes? Will you be able to expand upon the design so it becomes your specific brand? Does it include elements and a message that speaks directly to your audience?

With these key abilities in mind, you’re sure to pick a better winning logo design.


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