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Vector logo designs allow you to resize without losing clarity. Here are couple examples of unique vector logo design projects at 48hourslogo contest..

You are excited about starting your new business idea and just acquired your flashy small business logo. What is the first thing you would like to do with it? Put it up big and bright on a sign? Make sure you have t-shirts printed up for employees to wear? Maybe for now just get it printed on business cards to help you build the business. Did you check to see what file format you have your logo in? It’s going to be important, in fact, the quality of your logo being re-printed across multiple mediums depends on it.


For example, The logo package 48hourslogo designers provide at the end of each contest contain four critical files: an EPS, a PDF, a JPG, and a PNG. The EPS and PDF are both vector files, and will be readable by most all printers you will be working with. The JPG is in high resolution (300 PPI) and good for small to medium sized print jobs. The PNG will be useful for web applications due to its small size and transparent background.


Not everyone who claims to be a designer is accepted into our Design Community. Along with their application, potential designers are tested by creating a logo design for us. Our administrators then review the design for indicators of skill level, that they can read and interpret a brief correctly, contribute an original or unique idea in the design, and submit it the proper way. We are proud to say we have a consortium of capable graphic designers from many different backgrounds all across the globe. This means you have a wider variety of professional interpretations of your contest brief to choose from.

Our team of Administrator and Moderators review the contests to ensure logo designers are following the strict guidelines about logo submission originality. We do not tolerate designs that copy existing designs, they are removed and the designer is fined (a great deterrent). Use of clipart is discouraged within the community. It would be too easy for someone else to use an element of your logo design if clipart is included. We want to make sure the submissions you are receiving in your contest are truly unique.


Vectors is another term for “paths,” which means that vector images are created from paths. Specifically, points are charted on an X – Y axis, and paths connect them to create shapes, curves, and angles. Each path can be assigned a color, thickness, shape, and fill color. By plotting on the X – Y axis, vector graphics are based on mathematical expressions.

Vector 48HL

Vector-based graphics are the standard in the design industry. You may be familiar with some vector editing programs, such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape, or Xfig. They each come with a lot of editing tools and a steep learning curve.


Raster images are commonly known as “bitmap,” which literally work as bits on a map. On the computer we call them pixels, working as points of individual color. A raster image is comprised of a height and width plus the number of pixels it is divided into. Have you ever heard “300 PPI?” That stands for 300 pixels per inch of space in the image. This means that raster images are resolution dependent, 72 PPI images typically can’t be scaled any larger without immediately losing quality, and 300 PPI images can only be enlarged a little bit.

Raster 48HL

For all intents and purposes, raster images are best for photographs and photo-realistic images. When printed, a 150-300 PPI resolution works well with 4-color printing. Programs like Adobe Photoshop, Painter, MS Paint, and GIMP are used for editing pixels.


The EPS and PDF files you receive in the Logo Package will be key to most projects. As vector graphics, they allow infinite scalability of your logo. Most all printers you will ever work with will be glad to see you sent them an EPS. I say most because I know not every individual print shop has the latest technology, but I’ve never had a problem sending and EPS file to the printer.

Aside from accessibility, vector files are typically small enough in size to share over the web. Since files only have to record points on the lines, angles, fills, and colors, it make them smaller than raster images that have information on every inch of the map.

Vector editing programs are limited in their color range. Using a raster based program will give you a greater range of colors and control over them. This limit is acceptable though since you want simplicity in logo design.  If your logo relies on too many special effects and the color choice to make it attractive, that’s a good sign that it’s covering up a poor design. A good design will look good in black and white, and be enhanced by using it in color, not defined by it.


All logo designs from our database are vector based. As such, we have a lot of unique examples to share with you! Here are a few I would like to highlight:

Stettie Hand

Stettie Hand | by ingepro
There is a great combination of colors in this design by ingepro. The paintbrush bristles create an interesting background for the lamp and clock, doubling it as an interior scene. The use of gray adds an air of sophistication when combined with the font HoneyScript Light.


Band logo design  | by fontstyle
An energetic logo design for Delicious Mix combines the silhouette of the trumpet player with the background panel for the text. The custom connecting of the font for Delicious with the addition of the record for the “O” make for an one-of-a-kind, custom design.


App logo design | by Lessofacoward
An app to help find food trucks in your area. The flat colors create an attractive, modern look. Using black, white, plus one color (in this case yellow) keeps things simple and recognizable. The “Q” in the icon also doubles for a magnifying glass highlighting the food truck. Very clever.


Pads Gone Bad | by PRN123
Combing the bad-boy aviator glasses with the controller buttons creates a very targeted logo design for this team of gamers. The sci-fi font is a reminder of the techie nature in gaming, while the blood splatter feels like the result of a game winning kill.


Team logo design | by Sorjen
The graphic of the hammerhead shark is bold and prominent for this ice hockey team. I would even say the shield in the back resembles a shark tooth. The grey outline helps ensure everything will be included if the logo is ever used as a embroidered emblem on the shoulders of jerseys or jackets.

For more unique logo designs, check out our live Portfolio.

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