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Presentation Design Ideas To Hook Your Audience

Creating an engaging PowerPoint presentation can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Hence, to avoid the hassle, you can utilize the built-in infographic templates. Besides saving your time, you can also take in design inspiration utilizing the templates for your presentation.

However, if you want to impact your audience and want them to recall your presentation’s subject matter, then you must establish a fun PowerPoint presentation. Doing this will not only help them remember but will keep them engaged and entertained. 

Consider the following fun ideas to make your presentation interesting: 

1. Begin with a Question:

Asking a question initially in your presentation would be a fun way to keep your audience engaged. It will reboot the audience’s interest in your presentation as they’ll attempt to look for the answer. 

However, you must address the question you have asked the audience at some point during your presentation. Since they would be in dire need to know the solution to the query, probably that’s why your audience had been paying attention.

2. Incorporate a Sense of Humour:

Adding humour to your PowerPoint presentations is a terrific and simple way to make them more enjoyable. A great way to break the ice is to start your presentation with humour. Or, if you feel like you’re losing your audience’s interest in the middle of your presentation, you might also use humour to get back in the game.

Remember to ensure that you have a good understanding of your target audience before you start looking for the proper kind of humour. The humour must be relevant to your targeted audience.

3. Make a Presentation That Isn’t Text-Based:

Having no text and utilizing only photos in your presentation slides will allow the audience to exercise their imagination. It would make the presentation much more entertaining as they don’t have to worry about missing points to comprehend the meaning since everything will be presented as a movie.

However, if your presentation entails only photos, then you must be prepared to speak more. Your speech must include all of the points made in the presentation to convey your ideas effectively to your audience.

4. Have a Contest:

If you’re afraid of making a dull presentation, consider making your PowerPoint presentation into a contest or game to make it fun. Also, to make it more engaging for your audience, set a prize for the winner of the contest.

This strategy may build the interest of the audience in your presentation, and the prize will serve as a motivation for many to participate. Conducting a contest may increase the competitiveness among your audience. As an additional bonus, people will remember your unique presentation.

5. Use Short Videos:

Your audience will be more engaged if you include an audio clip or a short video in your PowerPoint. It might make the presentation more entertaining not only for the audience but also for yourself. Additionally, audio or video samples might elicit emotions in your audience, which you might not be able to achieve in any other way.

6. Distribute Freebies:

Giving out freebies is a pleasant way to keep your audience engaged. For instance, if you’re giving a lecture on animal care, you can give away a tiny free plush at the end of your presentation. However, if you couldn’t come up with a specific item that fits your theme, you might give away a branded item like a keychain or a mug having your logo printed on it as a gift. This way, your audience will remember and enjoy your presentation.

7.Incorporate Props into your Presentation:

Another fun presenting approach is to use props in your presentations. Props can enhance the impact of your PowerPoint presentation by allowing the audience to experience visual items in person. Furthermore, they also aid in the understanding of the argument you’re attempting to communicate. The larger the prop, the more spectacular it would be for your target audience.

8. Make Your Presentation Exceptional:

Personalizing your PowerPoint presentation might make it more enjoyable for the audience. Including a personal experience in the presentation will allow your audience to empathize with you. In addition, your presentation will be more memorable and authentic if you include personal experiences.

However, you must first understand your audience in order to present a personal tale that will resonate with them.

9. Audience Polling:

Audience Polling is a great presentation idea. You can do this either by just having the crowd to raise hands or do the polling electronically.

By having them participate in the polling, you can also see if the audience is even paying attention to your presentation or not. Moreover, it is also a great approach to collect feedback from the crowd. Having your audience respond to polls will also allow you to gauge whether they are following what you are saying.

10. Use Pop Culture References: 

Another technique to connect with the audience is to use a pop culture or meme reference. They can be utilized to convey a message without saying anything rapidly or to establish a moment in which you can engage with your audience.

However, you might have seen memes all over the place by now. You may have grown tired of them. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be effective; in fact, carefully deploying a few can amuse and surprise your audience. You can give visual examples supporting your ideas and, at the same hand, provide some humour in a heavy textual boring presentation.

Choosing appropriate memes and carefully employing them might help in bringing personality to your dull presentation, without losing sight of the purpose of the presentation.