Keeping customers engaged and generating leads is one of the most common challenges faced by businesses today. To top it off, holding their interest until the end of the journey is another issue. Besides these objectives, organizations are confronted with an avalanche of data, which they are unable to utilize.

By putting data to work and automating your operations, marketing automation platforms can help you tackle these obstacles.

Marketing automation offers a lot: greater leads, engagements, and revenues, all while requiring less effort. Automation has resulted in higher leads and revenue, as well as a 14% improvement in sales productivity and a 12% drop in marketing overheads for organizations that adopt it.

Automation gives marketing executives an excellent potential for increased productivity, cost savings, and a better customer experience. It may seem daunting to go on an automation path for your Las Vegas digital marketing agency, but with the appropriate guidance, it’s easier than it sounds.

In this article, we will talk about the top 3 tools for automating your digital marketing efforts in 2022. However, first, let us talk about why digital marketing automation is important in a business. 

Why Automate Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Marketing automation is typically thought of as a middle-of-the-funnel technology, useful for fostering prospects through scheduled email loops. Although email marketing is a terrific way to employ marketing automation, prospects and clients may have a disconnected experience as they transition from advertising to sales to consumer care.

Consider these statistical data:

Still not convinced? Take a closer look at some of the benefits. 

Personalize your workflow

Each of your customers’ activities is a new piece of data for your marketing plan, giving you exactly what your clients want right now. This insight is quite useful, but personally monitoring these actions is impractical. 

Organizations, on the other hand, may check an API platform or may use inputs across many marketing automation software to better comprehend their customers’ requirements and focus on improving the correct content at the right time

These processes assist in directing qualified leads to relevant information, leading to warm leads that you can nurture into customers with care. However, automation does not end here. Businesses may continue to retain consumers with tailored processes that result in loyal customers. It even enables repeat businesses when people recommend you to their friends and family. Marketing freelancers often utilize these automated strategies to efficiently manage multiple client campaigns.

Improve timing

If you are in sales, you know the importance of timing. It is possible that unautomated processes may lead you to miss out on the most profitable leads of your business. 

Consider the case where a prospect visits your website, downloads your case study, but is still doubtful about what your product offers. Consequently, they may go to another website where they get what they need. By the time your sales representative contacts them, it is already too late. 

You can prevent this by automating your processes. A simple chatbot that caters to a customer’s queries or schedules a call with a representative will go a long way. 

Streamline your processes

Streamline operations that place your clients at the center of everything will bring your entire organization together. This creates protocols that span several task forces to minimize customer effort at every phase of the experience. You can also use digital experience platforms to streamline overall digital operations by simplifying the management of digital assets, content, and customer interactions.

It also helps break down barriers and collaborate to deliver a consistent client experience from the initial contact through the final sale.

Create opportunities for strategic thinking

Marketing automation relieves your staff of the tedious task of executing campaigns. This implies they’ll have more time and opportunity to be more imaginative, strategic, and offer more.

Empowering your staff to attain its maximum potential in this way indicates they’ll be in a good position to boost the return on your marketing initiatives year after year.

3 Top Tools for Automating Your Digital Marketing Efforts in 2022

  1. 123 Form Builder

Processing different types of forms are time-consuming and prone to blunders and inefficiencies, particularly if your forms processing system necessitates hand typing. Anyone who interacts with human data input on a regular basis, whether in-house or contracted, can readily identify the drawbacks in terms of cost, time, precision, and privacy.

123FormBuilder is an automated tool that lets you create forms for all types of business needs. These include application forms, consent forms, feedback forms, order forms, and registration forms. 

You can choose from over 1900 HTML form templates. These templates are easily customizable and you do not need to have any programming skills to do it. 

For example, you can create custom order forms to up your sales while investing a minimum amount of time. With over 72 templates to choose from, you can easily form one that suits your requirement. Even if you don’t, the 123FormBuilder tool allows you to build one from scratch. 

Automated form processing minimizes time-consuming and onerous human entry, allowing you to reassign some permanent personnel to other vital responsibilities.

  1. Pitch


Pitch is an automated marketing tool that enables you to make automated presentations. It integrates the greatest features of workflow, design, and presentation tools to let fast-paced teams quickly generate stunning decks. It achieves the ideal combination of design restraints and adaptability. 

Business presentation videos must meet the high expectations of clients for product design and marketability. Pitch enables you to produce stunning internal and external resources without having to spend hours on them.

Using Pitch is uncomplicated. You simply choose from their 100 plus templates, add your brand colors and custom fonts, and make it look uniquely yours. Moreover, it allows you to collaborate with your team in real-time across several devices. 

To tell rich and engaging stories, you can add statistics, photos, company logos, GIFs, videos, and more. Your presentations can reach anywhere when you’re ready to share them.

Let us be honest. Most of us would rather be doing something more ludicrous to market our products than making a presentation. It’s a time-consuming and somewhat tedious task.

However, we cannot overlook its importance.

The significance of presentation in marketing cannot be overstated. It’s the difference between capturing people’s attention and wallowing in silence. Every marketing dollar invested, as well as every marketing strategy and campaign should aim towards effective presentation.

So, why not automate the presentation making process to create better results in a fairly less amount of time?

  1. HappyScribe


HappyScribe’s audio-to-text converter is an excellent marketing tool to help your business reach a larger audience. It supports more than 120 languages and 45 plus formats. 

There are three ways of transcribing audio to text with Happy Scribe:

  • Transcribe the audio manually with their transcription editor: It is simply software that lets you transcribe while listening to the audio. You can replay as many times as you want and it is free of cost.
  • Use their Automatic Transcription Software: It is automated transcription software that uses a speech-to-text algorithm to transcribe your audio. 
  • Book their Human Transcription Services: You can hire a freelance human transcriber to do the work for you. These services are available in English, French, Spanish, and German language.

Creating audio material is a fantastic method to communicate with your audience. You don’t have to end at the taping phase, though. You can also convert your audio recordings to text to gain even more advantages. 

Podcasters frequently go for people who are looking for content to listen to. There is, nevertheless, a larger audience that prefers to read. You’ll be slaying two birds with a single stone by converting your audio to text and bolstering your advertising initiatives.

Wrapping Up Top Tools for Automating Your Digital Marketing Efforts

That’s all for this article. Hopefully, the list of the top 3 tools for automating your digital marketing efforts has helped you choose the right one for your business. Remember, the more automation, the higher the conversion rate. 

Although marketing automation is a young market, it is bound to become a cornerstone of every business. Remember the revenue-boosting benefits we talked about?

Everyone who aspired to be a marketer as a child did so since it was the perfect blend of commerce and creativity. Automation enables you to fulfill those dreams.

It allows employees to stay motivated and concentrate on what they do best, which is, creating groundbreaking content. These content and ideas move organizations above what they once imagined possible.