Times change, and while we live in a digitally-oriented world where paperless offices are dominating the workforce, some traditional marketing tools remain just as relevant to-date: business cards

Setting a positive first impression is always a mainstay of the business, no matter where you are in the world. When done right, business cards can establish a strong connection when you meet a client, potential partner, stakeholder, or customer for the first time. Not to mention, the right business card design can ensure your brand pops out from the crowd – literally! 
To that end, the tips below should help ensure your business cards stand out and is not left forgotten in a pile: 
Tip #1: Go for a Minimalist Style 
There are many instances where less truly is more, and in the case of business cards, removing clutter is one way to highlight the vital information on your card. 
It’s a simple, tried, and true method that helps clients easily recognize your business, especially if you integrate a powerful logo with a minimalistic background. 
Less information also makes it easier to remember your card, especially when you incorporate exciting accents such as a textured material to enhance the design without any litter. 
Tip #2: Stand Out by Adding Some Creativity to Your Designs 
Another way to add an eye-catching appeal to your business cards is by infusing some creativity into it using innovative ideas – from spot UV coating, embossing, pearl, or using scented inks to help drive people’s attention to your cards. 
If your business involves 3D printing parts, you can even take your creativity and showmanship to the next level by using a 3D printed lithophane business card. It’s an ingenious way to reveal the nature of your business, all while providing an impressive look! 
Tip #3: Pique Interest by Incorporating Interactive Designs in Your Business Cards 
Standard business cards are generally just that – cards that are designed to deliver valuable information and spread brand awareness. However, you can impress clients and customers alike by giving your business cards a practical upgrade! 
You can achieve a functional business card design by adding detachable parts as cigarette filters or incorporating illuminating strips to be used as torches. You can also add metal accessories that can transform your business card into a comb, ruler, temperature reader, or even nail file! 
Your imagination is your limit, and pushing the boundaries is a fool-proof way of building the credibility and quality of your business. 
In Conclusion: Your Choice of Design will Set the First Impression of Your Business Cards.
A business card may not tell the whole story of your brand, but it can sum up your company in more ways than one. With that in mind, the guide above should help you create an eye-catching business card that harmonizes with your company’s branding to help make a lasting impression.