Free Retro Fonts CoverNostalgic. Retro. Old-fashioned. Groovy. If any of these words describe your business, these 100% free retro fonts would represent you well!

Does your logo design need a touch of the past? Then look no further! Below I have gathered a list of twenty-five 100% free retro fonts! As always, I’ve installed and used these free retro fonts in the links below with no issues.
Try these out if your business involves products like:

  • Classic Cars
  • Classy Jewelry
  • Vintage Furniture
  • Coffee Shops
  • Old-world Fashion
  • *There’s plenty more, this list is more of a guideline, really 🙂

Don’t let this list box you in. If you’ve got an idea or use that needs bit of nostalgia, by all means, use one of these free retro fonts! Choosing any of these will remind your viewers of yesterday. They invoke the image of fonts found on posters, advertisements, and commercials from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. A golden time when design was blossoming into the public.
If you are able to use one of these fonts as a designer or business, I encourage you to give back. The creators of these fonts generously offered them 100% free for commercial use. It’s a good thing to give back a little bit in appreciation. Their contact info can be found in the links.


*Lowercase letters are cool alternatives to capitol letters.
Namski Free Font
*No lowercase letters.
Prism Retro Font
Eyelevation Pro
*Capitol letters just have dots in most of them.
eyelevation pro free font
Migone Free Font
Kingthings Lickorishe
Kingthings Lickorishe Free Font
Mlike Chocolate
*If you downloaded this get yourself a candy bar!
Milk Chocolate Retro Font
Pincoya Black
*Lowercase letters are cool alternatives to capitol letters.
Pincoya Black
Coaster Free Font
*No lowercase letters.
Mexcellent Free Font
Gloria Free Retro Font
*No lowercase letters.
Breamcatcher Free Font
Astrud Free Font
Harry Piel
*No lowercase letters.
Harry Piel Free Font
Hardman Retro FontGreat Lakes
Great Lakes Free Font
Louisianne Black Font
*Numberals are spelled out.
Remarcle Retro Font
Kelvinized Free Font
Belshaw Free Font
Morgan Twenty Nine
*No lowercase letters.
Morgan 29 Free Font
Titania Retro Font
*Lowercase letters are cool alternatives to capitol letters.
Verve Retro Font
*Lowercase letters are cool alternatives to capitol letters.
Copasetic Free Font
*No lowercase letters.
Odalisque Free Font
Seaside Resort
*No lowercase letters.
Seaside Retro Font
If you are interested in other fonts, check out our Free Script Fonts, Free Power Fonts, and 30 Free Logo Fonts collections. All are 100% free for commercial use also. Enjoy!

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