Email marketing is an essential tool in the success of every business, and this success depends on how well you design your email campaigns.

What Is Email Marketing Campaign?

Email marketing campaign refers to a series of marketing strategies where you contact multiple recipients at once and it’s one of the most influential lead generation tools.

The campaign designs are so that you can timely reach out to subscribers with valuable content and relevant offers.

With email campaigns, you can meet customers at the various stages of their buying journey. Thus, you build a long-term trusting relationship with them.  

Effective email marketing campaigns enable you to create awareness, generate traffic, nurture leads, and generate more revenue.

Best Email Marketing Design Examples

To remain relevant in your customers’ inboxes, below are some compelling email marketing design examples to inspire you.

  • Adobe Promotional Email with Pricing Plans

Adobe’s design can help where you have diverse customers with similar interests but require different items from your store.

In such a case, you may use two CTAs simultaneously in one email to the same person and allow them to select the most exciting offer.

For example, you may include two products with the same price, yet their features are different and can serve various purposes.

  • Uber Email – Enhancing Customer Engagement

Uber’s campaign aims at enhancing customer engagement. For example, the company uses simple emails to inform subscribers of promotions and deals.

The emails have a brief initial description and a corresponding CTA suitable for those who would like to scan through emails quickly.

A more detailed but simple, step-by-step description follows for those who want to learn more about the deal.

Moreover, the Uber email design is consistent with its brand. They use geometric patterns and bright colors in all parts of their visual branding, like the website, its app, and social media photos.

  • InVision LABS Attractive Email Design

Their design is clean and has an attractive color. The email’s dark blue background for the CTA and the white box at the bottom attract readers’ attention.

In addition, they include well-presented product images that enable the recipient to understand the publication details before getting into the explainer copy.

The corresponding website also has a bright blue color making it a strong example for perfect branding.

  • Starbucks Welcome Email To New Subscribers

You don’t need to have complex welcome emails for them to be effective to your subscribers. For example, Starbucks has a visually appealing email informing the customers what they’ll be receiving.

If you need to design stunning newsletters, it’s a pretty straightforward process when you start with the right tools. For example, design-builder is a user-friendly and well-balanced tool with delicate features and many premade and completely customizable templates. Start creating beautiful newsletters with zero experience. 

  • Dropbox Re-engagement Email To Customers

For re-engagement purposes, Starbuck sends emails asking their subscribers for a comeback. The email seems funny.

It’s sweet and short to emphasize the message and, at the same time, not mess up with the addressee’s mood.

The email reminds your subscribers of the brand’s existence, and it can be beneficial to them. However, you could also add incentives to inspire customers to act immediately.

The example above is well crafted to portray dropbox as the subscribers’ all-time solution.

  • Shwood & Stanley Email with Focus Message

In digital marketing, your email’s visual quality highly determines the recipient’s reaction upon its reception.

The sample email from Shwood & Stanley emphasizes on such high-quality visuals, especially the textured background, the list, and the shadows.

  • Nike New Season Products Announcement Email

The periodical email from Nike conveys its message during the summer season. It has a simple design with minimal copy and is very straightforward.

Even though the CTA emphasizes men, the subscriber can also shop for the kids as such options are available. The sand-like background brings out the beach imagery and sets a summer mood.

If you require creating this kind of email for your customers, get high-quality product photography, a segmented email list, and the most optimal CTA.
  • RedBubble Promotional Email with Deal

The design above is a promotional one. It’s very impressive with user-made artwork. It deals with merchandise with designs of worldwide artists.

When artists see Redbubble featuring their content, there is a high likelihood of sharing the message with colleagues and friends.

Besides linking to the artists’ designs, the email campaign also includes adorable quotes from them. Many customers will open RedBubble’s emails to get inspiration from more quotes.

  • Cuyana Early Access Email with New Product Introduction

This Cuyana promotional email targets subscribers of “early access” to a new product. It showcases the new product, and this is the customers’ reason for signing up.

The email’s design is sophisticated and clean due to the use of attractive fonts and negative space.

This perspective is ideal for women’s accessories and apparel companies.

Their consistency in the coloring of the signature and the CTA is just lovable! So, for such and more, try out’s drag & drop builder, and you will be stunned with ease of use and design possibilities. 

  • Paperless Post Holiday Email Reminder

While there are many holidays throughout the year, many people tend to forget some of them. Paperless Post-marketing email reminds the reader of these special days.

These emails have attractive headers, clear CTAs, and question-like subheaders that leave the recipient to take the appropriate action.

In our case, the recipient’s action can be purchasing a card for their mom on Mother’s Day. This saves them the guilt of forgetting the big day.

  • Zapier Educational Newsletter Example

The approach of Zapier to their email recipients is in such a way that they identify with the subscribers’ problem, which they are not aware of. They also offer a solution to it.

The email is empathetic and insinuating that the reader is struggling with the same issue.

The email has three significant areas: problem identification, reminding the recipient of the pain it causes, and offering a way out.

  • Charity App – Progress Update with Timeline

Although most organizations will put more effort into promotional email marketing, transactional marketing is equally important.

These emails are a follow-up to an action previously taken by the recipient on the website.

When some companies send automated emails and forget, Charity: water informs the donors of their money’s effect over time.

The email includes project timelines with accompanying tables, making them easily scannable, thus saving the reader’s time.

Keeping your audience engaged and informing them of their actions’ impact increases their future participation.

Final Word On Email Marketing Design Inspiration

You could get email design inspiration from various platforms that you can use in your campaigns.

An ideal email design has easy-to-read fonts, high-quality images, and clear CTAs. Also, it should have white spaces and contrasting elementary colors and short sentences.

With these tips plus the endless list of examples, you can craft an effective email that will help you stand tall in the floods of email campaigns subscribers get every day.

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