Running a logo design contest is the coolest way of getting your new business logo. We are glad that you found 48hourslogo.com — one of the fast growing logo design website online. Our goal at 48hourslogo is to let our customers get the best logo designs possible for their project. To do that, we have a few tips we’d like to share with our logo design clients.

  • Rate and comment on the designs that you like.

When you comment on a design, the designer who submitted that particular concept will get notified immediately by an email. And most likely, you will receive another revised design based on your feedback.  So feel free to let the designer now what you think of his design, and how he can improve.

  • Eliminate designs that have completely missed your target.

Here is a little secret on why you should do this. When you eliminate a design, we discount that design when calculating the total number of submissions for your project. A project with less number of design entries tends to attract more designers because it appears less competitive. This is probably one of the reasons we see our average number of entry per project is less compare to other design contest sites.

  • Choose a winning design early

Even though you have 7 days after your project ends to choose a winner, it’s probably better if you decide on a winner as soon as your project ends. When you decided on a winner, the designer will be much more responsive in terms of revisions because he no longer needs to worry if you are going to choose his logo design at the end. And he will shift his focus to make you are happy customer. Because many of our designers compete here in order to build their own client portfolio. A successful design project could lead to other future design projects.
So have fun designing you business logo here, and wish you great success with your future endeavor.