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They choose 48hourslogo because how easy and affordabel it is to create a custom logo.

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Excellent work, very fast to make edits! Perfect design,worth the money.This was very fun watching all the designers create,
Nations Arise Ministries
Hopee was excellent to work with. Far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for a fantastic logo!
dasgins did an amazing job. We feel he went above and beyond. Really took the time to read what we wanted and created a logo that represents our new company/business.
Appreciate the quick responses to all the change requests. Everything we asked for was provided. Thanks.
Aye Moeee Edibles
He was very awesome and easy to work with. He did everything we asked and we fed asked for a lot lol
Mountain Clinic
Great job, love the logo. Could I get the year put under the design 2020-2021? Thanks

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