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1 days ago

The concept created by PRN123 was great. So I ended the contest a day early in the thoughts that I was being polite to all the designers who might submit a concept that I knew wasn't going to win, and just work with PRN123 to finalize the design, like I have done with other winning designers in past logo contests. I was very surprised, therefore, when PRN123 tried charge me to make these final tweaks. Eventually, PRN123 saw things my way, and made the final tweaks at no charge.

4 days ago

Great simple design with immediate brand recognition.
Very happy,

14 days ago


19 days ago

we also require a web banner for this logo... interested ?

28 days ago

Great design, and quick to complete any requests. Cheers.

1 month ago

The work was amazing. He listened to what i wanted and got it done. Sorry I didnt realized I had to close the project.

1 month ago

Love you work, You did a great design for me couple years ago and i would love if you can work on my current design.
Please look for "Star of david Tattoo Logo design". Thank you!

1 month ago

Nicely done. Everything worked smoothly and the design was spot on.

1 month ago

Awesome job. We are really pleased with the logo. This was an awesome idea and I am so glad to have tried it. It was a great success! Thank you!

1 month ago


As requested can you please change it to a darker grey.
Appreciate your help

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16 days agoPRN123:
please check #47 & 48. thanks

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1 month agoPRN123:
thanks. yes the black background is also included.

Raptor Lenses

1 month agoPRN123:
sorry we can't see other designers' entries. please check #11 & 12 for additional font samples. thanks.

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