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Client Comments
1 days ago

Very good artist, produced an excellent design for our company.

5 days ago

Unfortunately, I didn't choose your design for my logo contest. However as I mentioned in the content discussions. I would love to one day in the near future purchase the logo you made for my contest to be used in my T Shirt Line. Please email at so I have your email to contact you when I am ready to make that purchase.

Thanks again! Very talented and professional!

8 days ago

Sorry for the delay, have been working at a remote location and lost wifi

17 days ago

Awesome work, really love the design!

20 days ago


1 month ago

Easy to work with and communication was quick!!! Design was original and creative!!! Highly recommend and would work with him/her again! Also includes all common file formats required to be used for multiple applications.

1 month ago

very happy with our design, they worked with us well and showed great professionalize, certainly would use them again.

1 month ago

PRN123 did a GREAT job on my logo design! It was original and simple, exactly what we were looking for. Overall, he/she was great to work with! He was even doing edits/revisions in the design portion of the contest! (I was unaware there was a edit/revision portion period after the contest) Will use him again on another project!!!

1 month ago

PRN123 was one of the designers who's work caught my eye in the first place when I was trying to find a site to use for my first ever custom logo design, and is one of the key reasons I chose 48 Hours Logo. I invited him to join my contest, and I'm thrilled that he participated. I requested multiple revisions and changes throughout the course of my contest, and rather than get frustrated with me, he was able to accommodate every request and create a final winning design that is the perfect match for my company. I love it.
Thanks PRN123! I hope to work with you again!

1 month ago

Very Responsive, Excellent Job!



8 days agoPRN123:
please see 42. thanks.

Razors to you

The Daily Grind Clothing Company

Optimized Entertainment

1 month agoPRN123:

Broad Street CrossFit

1 month agoPRN123:
you can use this for white t-shirt & #20 for black ones. or #104 (darker gray) for both white & black t-shirts.

Liner Supplies

Wild Things Exotic Animals

1 month agoPRN123:
yes I can provide a "snake" only & "text" only variant along with the logo above. thanks.

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