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Client Comments
6 days ago

Easy to work with and communication was quick!!! Design was original and creative!!! Highly recommend and would work with him/her again! Also includes all common file formats required to be used for multiple applications.

6 days ago

very happy with our design, they worked with us well and showed great professionalize, certainly would use them again.

7 days ago

PRN123 did a GREAT job on my logo design! It was original and simple, exactly what we were looking for. Overall, he/she was great to work with! He was even doing edits/revisions in the design portion of the contest! (I was unaware there was a edit/revision portion period after the contest) Will use him again on another project!!!

11 days ago

PRN123 was one of the designers who's work caught my eye in the first place when I was trying to find a site to use for my first ever custom logo design, and is one of the key reasons I chose 48 Hours Logo. I invited him to join my contest, and I'm thrilled that he participated. I requested multiple revisions and changes throughout the course of my contest, and rather than get frustrated with me, he was able to accommodate every request and create a final winning design that is the perfect match for my company. I love it.
Thanks PRN123! I hope to work with you again!

12 days ago

Very Responsive, Excellent Job!

13 days ago

Worked with everything I said and seemed to understand our needs more than anyone else. Thank you!

14 days ago

We are very happy with our logo design by PRN123. Very prompt with edits/revisions and produces high quality work. Thank you!

14 days ago

great job

16 days ago

PRN123 submitted fantastic concepts for my contest. The logo we envisioned was very vague and required a hell of a lot of creativity and effort. PRN123 has definitely come out as one of the best designers for our project. We unfortunately had to put our final decision to numerous staff and in the end chose a different design. Although with all this said and done, PRN123's designs were my top choice! Thank you PRN123.

18 days ago

Thank you for such professional designs. Everyone really liked your logos.

Optimized Entertainment

12 days agoPRN123:

Broad Street CrossFit

14 days agoPRN123:
you can use this for white t-shirt & #20 for black ones. or #104 (darker gray) for both white & black t-shirts.

Liner Supplies

Wild Things Exotic Animals

28 days agoPRN123:
yes I can provide a "snake" only & "text" only variant along with the logo above. thanks.

Transmission Repair Cost Guide


1 month agoPRN123:
sure no problem. thanks!


1 month agoPRN123:
see 4. thanks.

Gainz Nutrition

1 month agoPRN123:
no we can't see other designers' entries.