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14 hours ago

Jaize did an outstanding job!

17 hours ago

one of the best!

19 hours ago

i like you design please look for my project

1 days ago

Thank you for being INTUITIVE. You completely read between the lines of what we thought we wanted an created a design that spoke straight to the very core of the passion that flows through this business. GREAT work! Super thankful for your talent. You are a blessing!

1 days ago

Very positive experience and talented artist.

1 days ago

Thanks so much for creating a great logo design and for your help with the additional complimentary versions and formats! I'll keep you posted on the development of my company. Perhaps we can work together in the future.

2 days ago

Thanks for working with us throughout al of our revisions.

2 days ago

Unique style !
Excellent work - highly reccomended !

3 days ago


3 days ago

Really good work jaize


3 days agojaize:
do you hve a font you really like

Ann Carden - Six Figure Breakthrough Coach

3 days agojaize:
yeah sure thanks


Bear Claw Vineyards

5 days agojaize:
yes with transparent background..thanks

Oz Prep & Survival and / or 'OPS'

6 days agojaize:
yes no problem

Rofeh Yedid

Good Balance Fitness

SPARK! Corporate Wellness Program

Punjabi Dhaba