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4 hours ago

I'm aware that this designer is talented, so I invited him to my contest. He submitted some crap at the last minute. Since i invited him, I chose him as a finalist. He submitted some other crap. I asked for revisions, he emailed and asked me to upload some artwork. I did. He then emailed me back and told me he was traveling and wouldn't be able to continue the contest. RIDICULOUS. I SEE HE HAS WON OVER 1451 CONTESTS, BUT HE HAS ENTERD 11917. I wonder how many of them did he have excuses for not following through. As for me, this was the second time. The first time he emailed me in a contest and told me his father was sick and then had passed away. Be careful using this guy, he isn't worth my time and he doesn't appreciate the client. To the designer, I must say that your attitude SUCKS. You are taking the clients for granted and that will never pay in the long run. I think you like being a finalist to up your chances of being chosen and being noticed. Just stay away from all my future contests.

1 days ago

Thank you for responding to my invite and submitting beautiful work!!

3 days ago

This designer nailed our thoughts from the first design. All we needed to request was a small color shift which was done immediately.

3 days ago

Excellent work this designer took his time making sure to get every detail right.

3 days ago

thank you! I'm very happy

5 days ago

Thank u

5 days ago

Excellent work !!! Do NOT hesitate to invite Jaize for your project. He will exceed your expectations.

6 days ago

amazing designer! very easy to work with and brought my vision to life. I would highly recommend him to anyone for quality work that stands out! Can't wait to introduce my new logo to the world! Thank you for the amazing service Jaize!

8 days ago

Excellent response time to our change requests. Really good experience.

10 days ago

Thank you jaize! I may use you again in the future for other courses to keep the look of my projects consistent.

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1 month agojaize:
like this??thanks

Video Hughes

1 month agojaize:
thank you so much fot tge feedback, you can change the color easiky because i will give you the raw files..also i can give you an instruction, or you can just email me if you want to change the colors .. normally we sell the non winning design half the prize of the winning design..thanks

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