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19 days ago

Thanks Donald! Great customer service. You provided excellent customer service. I appreciate you taking all my feedback for revisions and responding promptly. You totally made my vision a reality! Thank you. I look forward to using your design on my website and other promotional material. Venita

23 days ago

Great service and design. Thanks so much!

24 days ago

Great design! Loved what he did!

1 month ago

Created a design we wanted, replied to change requests quickly...very pleased!

1 month ago

I appreciated the design vision for our logo. I felt that the Mr. Delgado was able to understand exactly what I was looking for. Excellent design and very easy to work with. I will be in contact with you if our company needs any further design assistance.

1 month ago

Thanks for you good work , you really understand what we need :)

Best regards !


1 month ago

dondeekenz was very responsive, attentive to the details of our requests, patient with our pickiness, and all around a pleasure to work with. Thank you, dondeekenz!

1 month ago

Great professional work. Quick response and follows feedback. Great work man!

1 month ago

Some of our favorite designs were by dondeekenz and we just kept going back to one of his designs. We had to have it. Very happy with our choice. Thank you!

1 month ago

Great to work with. Love the logo!


4 days agodondeekenz:
Thanks; colors are all picked from your current website colors which I think blend nicely :)

Pics By Venita and Yoga By Venita

20 days agodondeekenz:
Thanks; sure, let me know about the tweaks and changes you needed, I'd be happy to work on them and get your logo package available :)

Stronger Than Life Inc.

21 days agodondeekenz:
Thanks. I'll get your files up as soon as I get back to my desk in couple of hours.

Give Back 2 Others

Green Papaya Paper Company

1 month agodondeekenz:
Great, I'll have your logo files up in a few :)

Stickers for miroir


1 month agodondeekenz:
It was a pleasure working on your project. Yes, will work on the lines. You'll have this in vector and other web formats.

Revamp/Recreate already designed Religious Logo

1 month agodondeekenz:
update on #23

Cross The Wilderness

1 month agodondeekenz:
Great, will do as requested!