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by Rick Mullenix | Community Manager

We’ve had the chance to sit down and speak with Damian Majkut, better known as “prodesign.” He’s made quite an impression within the Design Community, consistently staying in the Top Designer Earnings list since his induction in November 2012. To date prodesign has 140 wins and has been selected as a Finalist over 230 times.

Prodesign Family & IconNow 27 years old, Damian grew up in a small Polish village called Zmysłówka. In 2010 he married the lovely Agnieszka, a Beautician, and together they have a 17 month old son named Jakub. His mother tongue is Polish, but Damian is also fluent in English and a little German. He can understand, read, and write in Russian and Ukrainian.

The following interview details Damian’s love for music, his observant nature, and what he looks forward to in the future at 48hourslogo.com.

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48: Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself with us. To help us get to know your background a bit, what are you doing when you’re not designing?
PD: For starters I work full time in the District Office. Besides that, I love music and cars! I like playing the guitar, however I now play keyboard for my son, so nothing professional, but I worked as the church organist before.

48: Music seems very important to you. As a musician, what type of music inspires you?
PD: Music… that’s my life. I listen to almost all kinds, starting with all Rock, Ska, Pop, to R&B and Hip Hop, and ending with Electronic – which is my favorite at the moment.

48: That’s a good variety, is there an all time favorite band or artist you listen to?
PD: Depends on the season and the trends, but for the time being my favorite artist is Empire of the Sun.

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48: Do you have any hobbies outside of being a designer?
PD: I find myself very devoted to designing because I treat it as my hobby. Generally, one is more exicted when performing their hobby rather than working, right? Since most designers are ‘designing’ just for the sake of making a living, I really don’t. In most of the cases hobbies could be really expensive, in my case its reversed, which is really amazing! I feel like a stamp collector who bought Treskilling Yellow, not paying for that but getting paid in addition.

48: I know you’re called “the Genuine Designer.” I love it and am curious, where the name comes from?
PD: I prefer designing above all other things, thats my love forever (pssst… don’t tell my wife). I also keep in mind that people on the other side are not looking for entertainment and fun as i do, but for a well done service. So, apart from my enjoyment I try to give them the professional service. The funny thing is that nobody knows that I have fun while designing. I treat every project as it was done for me and I had to use it in the future. So that’s why I call myself “The Genuine Designer.”

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48: So how long have you been involved in Graphic Design?
PD: I started designing about a year and a half ago.

48: Are you self taught or do you have any formal training?
PD: I’m self taught, my wife told me I was born a designer. I didn’t know about it until now, haha.

48: Where do you look to for design inspiration?
PD: I am inspired by all the brands, their internet and TV campaigns. I never skip any ad, even when on YouTube, but I concentrate on the design and try to figure out the message they convey.

48: What are your top three fonts you love to use?
PD: I love the Helvetica family, Arial, Proxima Nova family because they are simple and can easily be customized. I also like Trajan Pro, because that’s the only font I am sure the client will like.

48: In your own words, how would you describe your artistic style?
PD: I guess I’m good at simple but clever corporate designs. In my opinion sometimes two well combined lines are better and tell us more than a complicated piece of art. I pay attention to colors, and many times I ask my wife to help me with choosing the matching ones- she’s better than Adobe Kuler, haha, she’s my treasure.

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48: Do you have any habits you indulge in to help you design?
PD: I am not proud of it but, I can’t design without a cigarette…

48: What advice would you give to other designers trying to find success like you have?
PD: Be positive, find your strengths and use them in designing. Never submit a design that you are not satisfied with. Be proud of every logo you design.

48: What goes through your mind when you begin working on a logo?
PD: I can’t describe it, I just see the contest and a design appears in my mind. If it doesn’t I go to the next project.

48: Are there any types of contests you are drawn to, and is there anything you look for in the Contest Briefs?
PD: I like technology and fashion logo contests. However, I can design a logo in any style. I rarely read the brief, haha, I choose the contests where the name of the company represents the industry well, then I don’t need the brief.

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48: If you could speak to someone that’s about to start a contest, what advice would you give them?
PD: Leave it to us, just tell us what elements would you like to include in the logo.

48: Are there any popular or famous logos you think are due for an update?
PD: Oh yes – google.com. The logo looks outdated and the company grew so much that I think it doesn’t fit for a worldwide brand.


48: How long have you been a designer here with us, and how did you find 48hourslogo.com?
PD: I joined in November 2012. I was searching for a website that hides designs during the qualifing stage, I was tired of other designers copying my ideas on the competitor sites and found this place.

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48: In your opinion, what makes 48hourslogo.com special?
PD: The community of designers that, on one hand compete, but on the other help one another. (Here I would like to thank all of you guys, I was new to the site and to designing, and you helped me a lot)

48: Has your life changed at all since joining as a designer here?
PD: Sure it has. I never dreamed of being a Top Designer, I am very satisfied and proud of myself. And my finances are ok now.

48: In what ways have you improved yourself or would like to improve?
PD: To sum it up, I would like to say that I generally know how the design should look, but don’t always have the skill to put it down on paper or screen. My dream is to design a worldwide, recognizable logo. And to have more time for designing.

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To view more of prodesign’s work, visit his portfolio page here.

Thanks to Damian for your time and sharing a bit of yourself with us. We look forward to seeing more of your amazing work! I’m sure the readers have enjoyed learning more about you. Catch up on our previous Featured Designer series with Arabz here.

Questions or comments for prodesign?
Let him know in the comments below!

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  • http://www.48HoursLogo.com/ Rick Mullenix

    Love your work prodesign! It shows that you put thought into what you’re creating. And there’s something about that Los Angeles Tortilla Company logo that I love, I’d definitely wear that on a t-shirt!

  • Suraj

    nice interview of a great designer.