48HoursLogo Featured Designer Series #3 – Arabz

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by Rick Mullenix | Community Manager

ArabzAble to pull off a variety of styles with finesse and professionalism, Reza aka “Arabz” is an inspiring artist to work with! He’s been entering contests at 48HoursLogo since 2010, bringing in 197 wins to date. Growing up in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and now twenty-seven years old, Arabz has a life together with his wife Vita and a young daughter. He is fluent in Indonesian, Javanese, and English. Take a look at some of Arabz’s work below and enjoy getting to know this talented designer a little bit more!

quote_fitwithflavFOR STARTERS

CM: How would you describe your personality?
AZ: I’m a super-idealist, in every particular life.

CM: So what do you do when you’re not designing?
AZ: I really enjoy playing the drums as an independent drummer, never been involved in any bands. I play Dangdut, been studying it for about fourteen years now.

Logo Panel_Arabs 1

CM: So where did you get your training at?
AZ: I’m an autodidact, so I’m self-taught.

CM: How long have you been a Graphic Artist?
AZ: For about 3 years now.

CM: Is there anyone you look to for inspiration?
AZ: I really enjoy Catalin’s work!  (see our previous Featured Designer for more on Catalin)

quote_m wintersCM: Name your top three Typefaces and what you love about them.
AZ: I love Gotham, it’s cool, strong, and elegant. Helvetica for it’s simplicity, and Trajan Pro because it gives a sense of Luxury.

CM: How would you describe your design style to someone who hasn’t seen your artwork before?
AZ: Simple graphic styles, art deco, and I’m a bit of an illustrations freak.

CM: What advice would you give to new designers who look up to you?
AZ: Respect and treat all your clients as they were your family. Make good friendships, even brotherhood, with other designers, whoever they are.

Logo Panel_Arabs 2CM: What gets your mind in gear when you begin to work on designs?
AZ: Thinking about concepts by smoking and drinking a large bottle of beer! Yo-Ho!!

CM: Are you drawn to any certain types of contests?
AZ: None in particular, I’m open to any of them.

CM: If you could speak to a client about to start a contest, what advice would you give them?
AZ: I would remind them to go over the rules first :)


CM: How did you find 48HoursLogo.com when you started?
AZ: I came across the site through a Google Search.

CM: What keeps you coming back to 48HoursLogo.com?
AZ: I’ve built a good relationship with the clients, designers, and administrators here.

CM: How has working through 48HoursLogo.com changed your life?
AZ: It gives me everything I need (when I win a contest, LOL).

CM: What type of work were you doing before this?
AZ: I was just a lonesome drummer.

 Logo Panel_Arabs 3
To view more work from Arabz, check out his Portfolio Page here.

Thank you for your time and sharing a bit about yourself, Arabz! I hope our readers enjoyed learning more about you and we look forward to seeing you upcoming work! Leave comments for Arabz below or let us know which designer you would like to see interviewed next.


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    Long live the legend!

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