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  • $148

    T-shirt and Apparel Company

    Greenwood Avenue Clothing Company

  • $148

    Retail business selling anything outdoor related. From hunting to camping and everything in-between.

    D&G Outdoors

  • $148

    Online Jewelry shop that sells gold and sterling silver accessories

    IV Chains

  • $99

    We are an online clothing brand that focuses on simple, casual, and high-quality style. The clothing will be offered to both males and females.

    Limelight Apparel

  • $148

    An exploration around the tradiotional Quebec Poutine (dish of fries, gravy and cheese curds) . We will have international variations of this, like a french or mexican or chinese poutine.

    La Poutinière

  • $148

    Rehab, Wholesale, Fix & Flip Real Estate

    Realty Simple Solutions

  • $99

    custom soft plastics for crappies bass walleyes

    Xman Baits

  • $148

    Custom luxury Home Builder

    Reed Custom Homes

  • $148

    Camilan is Indonesia word which means snack. We are selling various type of specialties snacks from all over the region in Indonesia. Snacks here includes crackers, cookies, etc. We are going to package it into small packages and sell it online so people can order it from all over the regions. We are planning to use the logo on the packaging. For the background of packaging, we are thinking to use red or yellow color. Please use solid color for the logo, don’t use gradation color.


  • $99

    An online business focus on selling products to highlight the beauty from the view of a young lady.

    K’A Dazzle

  • $99

    My business is a sociological podcast about all different types of relationships. Very raw, unfiltered and controversial material where we talk brutally honest about what is going on in the world and in our lives. Our purpose is to enlighten others about why we do and think as we do, but do it in a very lighthearted and funny way.

    The TOP - The Totally Organic Podcast

  • $198

    real estate and lending company

    Haus of Heer also known as HOH (short form)

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