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Logo Name

Salon Domani

Business Brief

We are a full service salon in an upper middle class area. Our target market age range is between 28-55.



Ideas & concepts

We are currently in the pricess of re-branding our entire business including our logo. Our current logo was designed for us 7 years ago and we are looking to modernize it. We do not want a card that has a black background. Our tagline is "Creating the Trends of Tomorrow" and we would possibly like that incorporated into the logo. As far as colors go, we would like to maybe incorporate a grassy green color but would also like to see options other than just black white and green. I do not like any "hair" related images. Feel free to be creative and veer off of what I've suggested if you think it would suit our target market. I feel like the logo we have currently appears to too old of a clientele. Something young and modern but not too trendy. Thank you all for your time!

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3 years ago

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Great job and willing to do whatever we asked, thank you so much!
- Client49599


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