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Logo Name

Eagle eye automotive

Business Brief

Road and track car service, repair and modification garage. Bringing the professionalism of a main dealer and the perfection of a race team to the independent market.

Our tag line is "A passion for perfection"



Ideas & concepts

The colour scheme for the workshop is white, greys and black and would to use these colours in the logo. I would like a bald eagle head included in the design (including the white hood and yellow beak) the eagle symbolises speed, power, precision and general badassery

The workshop is a super slick, OCD clean environment that people will enjoy bringing there vehicles too.

if possible I would like to include the tag line " A passion for perfection " although I understand it may be a lot of words for a logo!

The logo will be printed everywhere- letterheads, signs, shirts, cards and caps. make my brand explode!!

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the competition!
I like the styles of these logos with the 2 fonts and outlines

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