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Logo Name

Coffee Culture Festival (see notes)

Business Brief

We have already registered, but nothing is there yet. We are launching a public event this year in Hong Kong and if successful will also go to other cities in Asia.

The Hong Kong Coffee Culture Festival is a weekend for caffeine lovers and newbie's to explore the wide variety of coffee and tea outlets and experiences available in Hong Kong.


Travel Hospitality

Ideas & concepts

1) If you look at the attachment you can see the feeling, quality and clean look that we are looking for on this logo.
2) All the text in the slide of our presentation can be included in the logo.
3) No need for any symbols like a coffee bean, cup, drips etc. You can try, but really depends on how it is incorporated.
4) Nice clean illustration that relects quality.
5) No shine effects on embossing.
6) Black background and white logo like the first slide of our presentation is good. But would be great to see a reverse logo with white as the background too as that is generally better for marketing.
7) Clean and easy to read, we may add chinese to the logo at some point ourselves.
8) 'Hong Kong' can be as its own part of the logo so we can easily change it ourselves and add other cities.
9) The file must be cmyk if we do printing.
10) The styles that were chosen were because they were generally easy to read, clean, professional and not too cheap looking or cheesy.
11) The attachment is nice for our presentation for now, but want something more unique that represents the annual event.

Sample Styles

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Additional Design Inspirations

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This is the first slide of our event presentation. This is clean and clear, but not our current logo. This is the 'style' we are looking for.

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#76 by superbrand

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Thank you for launching your design contest at 48hourslogo. Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your project.

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3. Have fun, and be encouraging to your designers to keep them motivated about your contest.

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