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ForeverIBall is designed to help develop student-athletes of all ages and skill levels who love the game of basketball. Using a unique teaching approach I'm geared towards strengthening the players physical skill sets, knowledge of the game, and spiritual mentorship. ForeverIBall expects each player to work hard, to be dedicated, and to preserver through adversity created in workouts. This basketball program offers individual/group training secessions that will focus on the student-athletes skill development and personal growth. Although this program concentrates on learning and developing skill sets, we are dedicated to equipping our players with foundational characteristics that will help them excel on and off the basketball court.


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As a skill development basketball coach my ability to dribble the basketball at a high level is something that helps me attract clients. Yes! I can teach other components of the game but most of the time the clients who contact me are interested in learning how to dribble the basketball and become better offensive players. My ball-handling skills is something I want to advertise within my logo. I would like one move of myself within the logo that's currently uploaded. I also uploaded a pervious logo of what I'm looking for. The picture scheme is what I would like to incorporate within my logo. Apart of the Logo I would like to have ELITE BASKETBALL TRAINING underneath FOREVERIBALL. Please show color images along with black and white images. Thank You!

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Move that I would like to be presented within the Logo
Similar concept of what I'm looking for as a Logo. The words "ForeverIBall" must be connected and Elite Basketball Training must be underneath. Please be creative!

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Did a great job! Excellent Work.
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