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Logo Name

Break Ankles Daily

Business Brief

Our Instagram page @Breakanklesdaily has over a million followers. We just launched our clothing brand yesterday. The clothing line is targeting millennial basketball players. We are all about swag, and lacing kids with the dopest basketball shirts.



Ideas & concepts

We need our symbol (attached) with the words "Break Ankles Daily" incorporated somehow.
Our logo is already good for us, we just need stylized text incorporated (similar to how the swoosh is underneath Nike).

The only change to the symbol, would be the defenders hand (one with fingers), it looks a little out of place with the fingers, so you have the freedom to change the fingers so it matches the symbol better.

We are open to submissions with a circle around the logo too.

Remember this is a basketball brand for kids (mostly male) so the font needs to be masculine and very cool.

Additional Design Inspirations

User upload:

We love how the player with the ball has made the defender fall, and the defender's ankle is in pain (red circle).

Break Ankles Daily logo winner#88 by pakderisher
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Break Ankles Daily logo design concepts #88
#88 by pakderisher

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