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Business Brief

We manufacture 100% Australian organic sunscreen.

The name 'pink diamond', refers to the fact pink diamonds are organic stones found only in Australia, and they also reflect the sunlight, hence Australian, organic sunscreen.

Ideas & concepts

I would like my product to have an image of pink diamond somewhere in the logo.

I would like the text, pink diamond organics. (This however does not have to be limited to the same colour as the diamond image, i.e. all pink).

Capital lettering, font and positioning of the lettering is not set in stone but I would choose whichever style stands out most to me.

I am trying to achieve a very prestige look in my logo aswel as giving the look of an organic suncare attractive product.

I am not too keen on just plain white background, as I believe a darker, black OR multi-coloured background will be better for my logo goals.

Lastly, as this is an Australian product, maybe a slight hint or a little conspicuous subliminal Australian touch would be possibly a winning deal, but again this is not set in stone.

Thanks for the help.

PINK DIAMOND Organics logo winner#35 by rykos
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PINK DIAMOND Organics logo design concepts #35
#35 by rykos

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#35 by rykos is selected as the contest winner!

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