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Genesis Ministry for Teens

Business Brief

Genesis is a new ministry at Grace Lutheran Church for teens in 7-12th grade. Genesis meets weekly and includes fellowship time, worship, and small group activities.



Ideas & concepts

I think that the word "Genesis" should be more prominent in the design than "Ministry for Teens" which is more like a tagline (see example 1 below). Looking for something that will appeal to teens, look cool on a t-shirt and convey the notion of faith without being overtly "religious" in iconography. Color-wise I am pretty wide open, but I like the idea of subdued rather than big, bright, primary tones (we use those for our ministry for younger kids and want to differentiate the two for sure).

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I like this font a lot, as well as the colors which seem bold without being "kiddie."
I like the energy and motion here.
This one is simple bit still says a lot, if that makes any sense?

Genesis Ministry for Teens logo winner#8 by webmall
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Genesis Ministry for Teens logo design concepts #8
#8 by webmall

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5 years ago


Thank you for launching your design contest at 48hourslogo. Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your project.

1. Keep your design brief simple and upload sample pictures to explain what you really want in your design.

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5 years ago

Thanks for the early submissions! It's exciting to see interest. Maybe I am being picky, but these seem to feel either too "young" or too "old" for our target audience of 7-12 graders. Looking for something a bit edgier, maybe distressed- looking?

5 years ago

#8 by webmall is selected as the contest finalist!

5 years ago

#8 by webmall is selected as the contest winner!

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