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Logo Name

Paul Walker

Business Brief

This logo is for a personal site, Paul Walker is an ON Air DJ.



Color preference

Prefered colors:   

Ideas & concepts

We would like to see 3 elements in the logo

1 - Older Microphone graphic

2 - Paul Walker

3 -

We selected colors above, but are open to color ideas as well.

Logo styles

Client is interested in the following logo styles:

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#22 by PRN123

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6 years ago

Welcome to 48hoursLogo

Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your design project:

1. Please leave feedback directly on the designs to guide the designers in the right direction
2. Eliminate designs that you are “not interested”
3. Please rate each design between 1 and 5 stars to help designers know your preference.

We want you to get the best possible design for your business. Thank you for choosing

6 years ago

Hi - we are liking the designs! Over all thoughts.. The old style Microphone we want top middle and visible. Variations of Font Styles and COLORS
are helpful! The ONAIRDJ should read as WWW.ONAIRDJ.COM (dont forget the www or .com)

6 years ago

Our vision is coming clearer on what we are looking for... these are the changes we are looking for.

1. Please Microphone on the LEFT of logo
2. We would like to ADD a CD/Disk Image to the RIGHT of the logo
3. We want to stick w/ a bolder font for PAUL WALKER (maybe try font IMPACT)
4. Move the - below the PAULWALKER, flush RIGHT

We want a microphone similar to this style - (the one on the LEFT)

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