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Logo Name

Frontier Catering & Oilfield Hospitality Servi

Business Brief

We provide support services for oilfield sites such as platforms and camps, generally providing meals and housekeeping services. FULL NAME: Frontier Catering & Oilfield Hospitality Services


Service Industries

Ideas & concepts

Looking for a logo that incorporates the Frontier concept AND the oilfield support industry (oil platform or something related to the oil industry). I really want to emphasize the Frontier part of the name, or even a large F or including a silhouette of an oil platform or drill into the name would be an option. Open to your ideas! Will respond to all logos submitted.

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Frontier Catering & Oilfield Hospitality Servi logo winner#25 by jaize
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Frontier Catering & Oilfield Hospitality Servi logo design concepts #25
#25 by jaize

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