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Dance A Lot Ballroom Studio

Business Brief

We offer dance lessons to kids and adults, as well as wedding lessons, showcases and dance competitions. We are known to be one of the friendliest, most knowledgeable and personalized dance studios in the tri state area.


Sports Recreation

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Ideas & concepts

We want a logo and typeface that is luxury, elegant, clean, trustworthy, stylish, classic, simple, friendly and unique. Our slogan is Find The Dancer In You, which also has to match the logo feel. Why Dance A Lot? Because to find the dancer in you you have to dance a lot. :) We have attached our current logo for reference. Can be refined, simplified and improved. Our strong sides are that we are an exceptional professional, giving an excellent customer service, we are extremely friendly, teaching with fines and humor - and the logo needs to show that.

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Dance A Lot Ballroom Studio logo winner#115 by dhe27
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Dance A Lot Ballroom Studio logo design concepts #115
#115 by dhe27

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Logo should not look like other ballroom studio's logos. It has to uniquely resemble the concept of Dancing A LOT (meaning plenty, abundance) as well as the slogan Find The Dancer In You. We are open for an idea of including a different visual that a dancing couple - something interesting, slick and original. Thanks a lot in advance

dancealot6 years ago
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6 years ago

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6 years ago

dancealot just uploaded the following file:

The original inspiration for the form of the heads of the couple

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