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A Moment in Time Photography

Business Brief

I photograph wedding, babies, families, teens, maternity - all of it. I am planning to kick my business up a lot- new website, Facebook page, more marketing, etc. I need a logo to put on my images. I don't want it to be intrusive just document who took the images.

I want my logo to conceptually be a depiction of 'A Moment in Time'. I named my business this because to me that's what photography is- catching and preserving a 'moment in time'. I have come up with several ideas my self, but want to see what you all can do.


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Ideas & concepts

Not sure about color above - either black or white (this would either show or not show depending on color area of image). I will think about this and let you know soon.

I have searched the internet for a symbol of time, moment, life, generation, - something that would again depict the actual name, because this is so important to me. I want to see what you all can come up with.

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7 years ago

amomentintime just uploaded the following file:

Couple of ideas to use in logo. I like the spiral clock as a possibility to use in my logo to reflect A Moment in Time

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