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Logo Name

Hydro Attack

Business Brief

Hydro Attack is a new commercial adventure tourism operator offering extreme tours in the Seabreacher X watercraft (Shark model - see photos and/or video link below).

The Seabreacher can go over 50mph over water and 25mph under water.




Ideas & concepts

We are looking for a logo that reflects a masculine, modern, sleek and fast vibe.

The boat resembles a shark and that has been the theme of our initial logo designs but we are open to options that do and don't use a shark in the design. If you do use a shark we aren't looking for a cartoony shark though. Think James Bond....

We are open to different colour combos so long as one vibrant colour is incorporated e.g. orange and charcoal.

We would like a logo that works on both a light and dark background.

Logo styles

Client is interested in the following logo styles:

Additional Design Inspirations

User upload:

This is the boat we (Hydro Attack are using)
This is an image of the watercraft jumping, it also dives under the water.

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Hydro Attack logo design concepts #82
#82 by modifiedthinking

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