Youth ministry Logos

Minister to your flock with a logo that is uplifting and inspiring. Our designers have produced hundreds of logos for ministries and community-based religious groups aimed at the young. Whether your audience is families with small children or students looking for guidance, we can deliver a youth ministry logo that speaks to the faithful. Bright, colorful fonts and graphics featuring crosses are used to promote images of Christianity. while clever use of type can create a positive message. Study the gallery of youth ministry logos below to find a style that inspires devotion.

Youth ministry logo design inspiration

Creative designs will attract the young

To appeal to young people, whether they are very young children or students, your youth ministry logo should be lively and interesting. Thinking laterally results in designs that are innovative, with unusual typography and images creating a sense of excitement. Taking cues from your ministry name or location, our designers can brainstorm ideas to come up with a range of offerings that are unexpected and different. Whether using dark or bright colors, the result is likely to be fresh and fun.

Incorporate meaning into your logo

As the cross is the main symbol of Christianity, using it in your youth ministry logo confirms the meaning behind it. As such as simple image, a cross can be incorporated in many different ways. Use it in typography to represent the letter T or create one from negative space, if you are using simple figures they can be represented with arms outstretched to create a cross shape. Ask our designers to include a cross in your youth ministry logo to demonstrate your faith.

By Ciara

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