Wine Logos

Uncork a wine logo designed to breathe life into your brand. If you have a vineyard, winery or social club dedicated to the grape, we can supply you with a logo that has a fresh bouquet. Glasses, bottles, and vines, all make popular choices for inclusion in a wine themed logo and lend themselves to stylized design. Even if you're a fan of white, using shades of dark red, claret and burgundy help establish that wine theme of your logo. View the gallery below for a taste of what our designers can do.

Wine logo design inspiration

Give it a subtle bouquet

Wine drinkers are connoisseurs, so they won't be tempted by bright colors and loud designs. Logos using subtle graphics and designs are far more likely to tempt their palates. While white and rose may have beautiful bouquets, in representing wine colors visually, using a shade of claret or burgundy is the best option. These can be used throughout your logo in fonts and graphics and also add a hint of grape to simple drawings of vines by using a splash of color.

Ensure your glass is half full

Bottles and glasses are popular choices of graphics for wine logos. It doesn't matter if you are a vineyard or winery, or simply organizing a wine tasting, you need to build your logo around the wine. The best way to do this is to use one or both of these images. Wine glasses and bottles are such identifiable symbols that they make the perfect starting point for your logo design. By creating a clever visual pun they can give your wine logo a unique taste.

By Ciara

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