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If you're looking for a logo for a window cleaning business, we have designs to make you outshine the competition. Having developed hundreds of window cleaning logos, our designers have the vision to create one with the right amount of sparkle. Whether you want to go for a fun, cartoon image to show off a friendly persona, or you make a gleaming window the focus of your logo, it should shine. Using starbursts to highlight text and graphics can do just that. Take a look at the shining examples below to see how.

Window cleaning logo design inspiration

Incorporate an industrious idiom

If you're incorporating a character into your window cleaning logo, it should have an approachable personality. Animals and insects in cartoon form can give your logo a friendly persona with some included in idioms related to being industrious and hard working. Common phrases that indicate this are busy as a bee, beavering away and industrious as an ant. Avoid using an image of a snail though as no one wants to think of their windows being cleaned at a snail's pace.

Add sparkle to make it shine

Customers like to know the window cleaning service they hire is going to do a great job. By using starbursts on text and graphics, your logo can inform them of this by displaying sparkling clean windows. These also help to give the flat blue graphics used to portray windows an added dimension and are a great way of using white space. Even if you are only using text in combination with the words window cleaning, using highlights helps ensure your message gets across.

By Ciara

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