Wealth management Logos

When creating a wealth management logo, you need to consider the expectations of those most likely to use your service. Wealth management and protection are aimed at high net individuals looking to maintain their status quo, so loud fonts and graphics are unlikely to be appealing. Wordmark designs featuring monograms create the right impression as they imply tradition. In blue or black, they emphasize authority and can be livened up with subtle color accents. Our designers can develop a logo that establishes your expertise in wealth management while assuring of your reliability.

Wealth management logo design inspiration

Create a visually appealing layout

Wordmark logos, which feature text instead of graphics, are still led by visual principles. Elements need to be balanced in a logo to create a design that is pleasing to the eye. Designers employ a number of techniques to do this, from using different sized fonts to inserting vertical lines to separate the elements. Curves and ellipses can be added to create dimension in a wealth management logo, while backgrounds used on fonts allow for negative space to highlight specific words or initials.

Images of growth sell the concept

If you are going to use graphics in your wealth management logo, choose something that signifies growth and prosperity. Mature trees in full bloom are popular choices as they create images of abundance and maturity associated with good financial planning and management. Certain animals, such as horses and lions, are also suitable as they are associated with opulence and luxurious lifestyles. Ask our designers how to include a graphic in your wealth management logo that creates the right tone.

By Ciara

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