Veterinary Logos

If you're looking for a logo for your veterinary practice or animal hospital, you're in the right place to register. We have hundreds of logos for animal-related services from small veterinary practices to animal hospitals. Whether you make house calls to poorly puppies or have a clinic that treats exotic pets, our designers can help you come up with a logo to show you put animal welfare first. If you have a large animal practice, you might prefer to choose a horse or even an elk, depending on where you live!

Veterinary logo design inspiration

Happy, healthy and smiling

Healthy animals are happy so, whether you use a detailed picture or a silhouette, it is important to give your animals an upbeat appearance. Many veterinary logos opt to present animals in silhouette form, but this doesn't mean they can't convey happiness. Animals running, jumping or generally in motion give your logo an active, positive theme as does the popular feel-good motif of cats and dogs cozying up together. Show off the magic of your animal medicine with a veterinary logo designed to raise a smile.

Make Noah your inspiration

When Noah took his animals into the ark, he made sure there was two of each species. While dogs and cats are the stock in trade of veterinary practices, many other species are kept as family pets. Try livening up your veterinary logo by showing the range of animals you treat. Bunnies, birds, and horses make popular additions, but guinea pigs, lizards, and tortoises will make your logo stand out. If you live in the Rockies, you could even include a raccoon.

By Ciara

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