Truck Logos

Get your fleet on the road with a truck logo that means business. Whether you run a haulage company or you specialize in service and repairs, our designers can deliver a logo that puts the pedal to the metal. Trucks are associated with industry and heavy work, and strong colors like black and red can give your logo a solid feel. Slick, airbrushed graphics replicate the designs often seen on paint and bodywork, while emblems replicate those found on truck grills. Take in the logos below to find a handle for your wagons.

Truck logo design inspiration

Take the scenic route

Unless you want to make the grill on the front of your truck a feature of your logo, it is advisable to go for a side view. Most appealing is to show your truck image at an angle so you get a sense of the size and it appears to be in motion. The movement can be enhanced by adding lines on the road or the side of the vehicle. A side view is also helpful in demonstrating your truck carrying cargo.

Give it some power

Trucks are powerful vehicles, with engines capable of carrying heavy loads so your images, colors, and fonts should be strong. Solid, dark colors such as black and red stand out and make a statement of strength, while silver emphasizes the chrome found on grills and fenders. A black background makes bright colors stand out and can allow for the use of negative space to be incorporated into your image. Our designers can articulate your truck logo, so it does the heavy lifting.

By Ciara

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