Tropical Logos

Maybe you have a travel company that specializes in overseas trips of a lifetime or a company that imports fresh produce from overseas. If so, our designers can help you develop a tropical logo to put you on the map. Tropical themes can be used to promote everything from cocktail bars and tanning salons to destination resorts in far-flung corners of the globe. Bright colors and exotic animals make them eye-catching, while sunsets and palm trees conjure up paradise. Explore our gallery below to find a logo with a taste of the tropical.

Tropical logo design inspiration

Use lots of bright colors

No one dreams of a tropical paradise that is in black and white. The rich, lush greens of vegetation combined with the deep orange and pinks of a sunset conjure up images of the tropics. Azure blue and bright yellows reflect soft, sandy beaches and the plumage of exotic birds. Use bold colors in fonts to support graphics and try to limit white space to ensure your logo makes the desired impact.

Get creative with fonts

With so much color going on, fonts need to be loud to be noticed. Fun fonts that have texture can really make your business name stand out. Using gradients, rather than blocks of color, in fonts to fill them in can give the impression of a sky at sunset. They can also be used to support graphics whether they be tropical fruits, fish or an island paradise. Ask our designers for assistance on getting a tropical theme that is right for your business.

By Ciara

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