Therapist Logos

Create an inviting image for your therapy or counseling business with a logo that inspires positive change. Therapy requires a calm, peaceful environment where clients can explore issues and recover from difficult life experiences so your logo should incorporate positive images that are welcoming. Trees in bloom, sunrise, and other hopeful images help to create a therapy logo that is encouraging and supportive. Combined with fluid fonts, they create a vision of calm and peace. View the therapy logos below to get inspiration for one that is mindful for your business.

Therapist logo design inspiration

Hands provide supportive images

Using hands in your logo shows your clients they will be nurtured on their journey with you. Hands are particularly useful when displayed held out as a base supporting a graphic. Incorporating an image such as a heart or two people demonstrates the interaction between client and therapist. Stylized designs without too much detail work best and can be rendered in colors matching those used in fonts. The result is an integrated design for your therapist logo that will appeal to potential clients.

Use color in fonts to make it appealing

Colors evoke different emotions depending on the density and combination used. Red is known to promote strong emotions and is often associated with anger, so is best used sparingly. Blue and green are both regarded as producing feelings of calm and serenity, making them ideal when promoting a counseling or therapy based business. Balancing these with warmer, optimistic colors, such as yellow and orange, results in a therapy logo designed to appeal to those looking for a supportive environment.

By Ciara

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