Theater Logos

Move your theater from backstage to front of house with a logo designed to attract audiences. Whether you're a state of the art venue or a small local theater troupe you need to publicize your existence. Using the wealth of theater-related images available, our designers will come up with a memorable and unique logo to put your theater on the map. Lights, curtains and auditorium seats all fit neatly into your logo, while playbills offer a classic style for fonts and texts. Critique the previews below, so your theater logo delivers a winning performance.

Theater logo design inspiration

Put on a show to make it interesting

When people go the theater, they expect to be entertained. Whether watching a classical drama or an uplifting musical, the overall experience is designed to stir emotions. Using interesting graphics in your logo that prompt images of the theater or are simply eye-catching can help garner interest in whatever show you're promoting. Another trope regularly used in a theater or venue logo is that of the traditional mask duo derived from classical Greek drama, depicting themes of comedy and tragedy.

Theatrical fonts give a winning performance

Playbills and theater programs have a distinct style to them. With swirling art nouveau fonts dating back to the early part of the 20th century, they are instantly recognizable. If dispensing with graphics in your theater logo, use fonts that conjure up images of a cast list or a headline act. Alternately if promoting a modern theater or rehearsal space, a minimalist approach can work well to deliver a logo that captures the excitement of creating new and contemporary drama.

By Ciara

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