Team Logos

Looking for a logo for your local sports team? For baseball, soccer, hockey or good old-fashioned football, we have hundreds of designs that will put you at the top of the league. Our designers are on the ball and can deliver a logo that has all the thrill and excitement of a winning play. Shields, trophies, and mascots are all popular choices for team sports logos, along with images related to the sport in question being played. Take a look at our gallery of winning logos to see how you can score big.

Team logo design inspiration

Use your team colors

Logos need to be readily identifiable and, for sports teams, their colors are what makes them stand out. It's no good having your logo in black and white if your team strip is orange and mauve. Ensure your logo includes your team colors prominently by keeping other colors to a minimum even if you have an animal mascot. If you don't have a mascot, ensure you incorporate the colors into the text or an image of the equipment used to play your game.

Make your mascot fierce

Team sports are all about working together, but they are also about competition. Your mascot may be a bear, otter or an eagle but it needs to be fierce to show your competitive edge. If you don't have a mascot, think about using your logo design as an opportunity to come up with one. Our designers will be happy to brainstorm ideas so you can get a logo so fierce-looking, your competitors will know you're on top of your game.

By Ciara

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