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Are you looking for a logo for your spa or wellness center? Take a deep breath and relax because you’ve come to the right place. Our designers are here to guide you through the process of selecting a logo that will lull your clients into a state of serenity. Logos for spas should be inviting and sell the whole experience as an escape, an oasis where body, mind, and spirit can be refreshed. Nature images such as plants, flowers, trees and flowing water are used to effect to create this feeling, as seen in some of our spa logos below.

Spa logo design inspiration

Fluid fonts

As a rule, italic fonts create a softer impression than regular ones, and most spa logos feature them in colors other than black. Fluid fonts in muted tones, such as gray and light brown, move your logo design away from the realm of work by emphasizing the difference between spas and stressful business environments. Clever use of typography can also mean that fluid fonts are reflective of spa treatments on offer, particularly if they are incorporated into images, for example, italic text flowing out of a bottle.


Spas are all about peace, quiet, and, relaxation; getting away from the noise, hustle, and bustle of daily life. Spa logos should whisper to prospective clients, not shout at them. Soothing colors invite clients into experiencing the benefits of your spa. Pastel hues of dusty pink, green and blue all convey a sense of calm, while splashes of yellow can denote relaxation. Clean, minimalist designs that are free from clutter can also help emphasize the physical and mental benefits of visiting your spa.

By Ciara

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