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Are you looking for a solution for your software company logo? We have hundreds of software and computer technology-related designs to help drive your business forward. Whether you create middleware to connect online applications or you have a stand-alone piece of technology to improve productivity in a specific area, our designers can custom build a logo to your requirements. Innovative and modern, software companies have limitless scope for creativity when looking for a logo and can incorporate low key fonts and esoteric images to create a brand identity that is fresh and new.

Software logo design inspiration

Show off your innovative attitude

Software design is where technology and creativity meet, so your logo should show off your innovative attitude. The options are limitless when creating a design to sell a new concept and lateral thinking can result in a unique brand identity. If you are working in a software space that is already defined, new takes on these concepts can spark a wealth of visual ideas. However, graphics for software logos are often inspired by names unrelated to the product or its function.

Use lower case fonts for a relaxed image

Technology companies are known for their informal dress codes, and relaxed atmospheres where focusing on the work is a priority. Extending this relaxed attitude to branding, they have pioneered the use of lower case fonts in logo design by mirroring the text used in coding. Adding color to fonts emphasizes a playful approach to work and can pick out accents used in graphics. Ask our designers for help with fonts and color palettes to develop a relaxed look for your software logo.

By Ciara

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