Soap Logos

If you're looking for a logo for a handcrafted soap business, we can deliver one designed to get you in a lather. Handmade soaps have become increasingly popular due to their often organic ingredients, so it makes sense to use these in your logo. Flowers, herbs and other natural scents can all be used to provide elements of color while highlighting the source of the ingredients. Throw in some bubbles to promote a feeling of fun and relaxation and your soap logo will be poised to let you clean up.

Soap logo design inspiration

Good old-fashioned soap

Artisan soap companies are relatively new, but they rely on old techniques from when soaps were handmade, so harking back to styles from an earlier era can help establish your brand. Typefaces which are scripted or handwritten in style create logos with a softer image, particularly when married with floral designs. Even if using a modern font, making it italic or narrow will give it a more traditional appearance. Decoration such as curlicues and borders can add to this overall effect.

A bar isn't always oblong

When we think of a bar of soap the mass manufactured oblong shape automatically springs to mind, however, soaps come in all different shapes and sizes. Handmade soaps are often rectangular or round in shape with hexagonal shapes also being popular. All three lend themselves to logo design and, by using pastel colors and crayon effects, can create a beautiful representation of your product. If your company produces liquid soaps, then bubbles are an ideal way to liven up a soap logo.

By Ciara

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