Smartphone Logos

Need a logo for a smartphone sales or repair company? Our designers can help give you the edge over your competitors with smart logos designed to boost sales. Maybe you focus exclusively on one brand or offer a general repair service for screen breakages on smartphones and tablets. Either way, your logo can be designed to get your message across using graphics, icons or a little bit of humor! Take a look at the logos below to get some inspiration, and you'll be on the way to making a smart choice for your business.

Smartphone logo design inspiration

Add some personality

As the service on offer for smartphone sales and repair doesn't vary substantially between businesses, it is important to find a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. The best way to do this is by emphasizing the quality of that service. Having a cartoon image or caricature of a phone in your logo can create a sense of fun and approachability around your brand. By giving it a particular personality, it can promote aspects of your service, for example, reliability, as well as create a unique identity.

Make the image do the heavy lifting

There are a number of ways to indicate what your smartphone repair business does purely by using images. Smartphones are readily identifiable even when rendered as two-dimensional icons. As visual concepts, themes of repair have a number of symbols associated with them. Images of traditional mechanical tools or medical instruments can deliver your message of fixing or mending without the use of words. Our designers can advise on how to let visuals do the heavy lifting in developing your smartphone logo.

By Ciara

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