Skincare Logos

Get that dewy glow for your skincare brand with a logo to make you shine. Whether you manufacture an organic skincare line or offer treatment facials designed to rejuvenate, your logo should emphasize quality. Streamlined fonts and simple images can be used to create a sense of purity, particularly useful when promoting natural skincare products. Colors should be kept light and natural with plenty of white space, while embellishments should be plant-based to show off the source of ingredients. View the designs below to find inspiration for your skincare logo.

Skincare logo design inspiration

Elegant fonts make a beautiful logo

Skincare logos need to project a gentle image as customers want products that are kind to their skin. Elegant fonts in italics that appear handwritten create a soft appearance and subtly hint products are hand produced from natural ingredients. Simple, plant-based embellishments, such as leaves, flowers, and branches add to this overall image and can be used to add decorative touches and borders. These can be in black and white or used to add hints of color that are picked up in the text.

Subtle use of color emphasizes the natural

Soft pastels in pale pink, peach and lilac are popular colors for skincare packaging and logos as they evoke the natural colors of plants and flowers. Light green and soft blue are also often used in organic skincare ranges as they emphasize the natural benefits of water and plant extracts. Using a watercolor effect adds to the homemade appearance created by using handwritten fonts. It also gives the logo a sense of the artistry involved in developing skincare products and providing treatments.

By Ciara

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