Seafood Logos

Lovers of seafood know that even those with hard shells don't need a hard sell! Lobster, crab, clams, oysters, along with fishing vessels, marinas, nets and a host of other symbols are easily incorporated into logos promoting seafood and fish products. From beautiful seascapes to cartoons, our designers can serve up a tasty logo for your seafood business. Whether you have a restaurant, a shucking business or are an importer of pescatarian delights, we have hundreds of logos designed to float your boat. Sample our gallery below to find an angle for your seafood logo.

Seafood logo design inspiration

Bright colors create hunger

While blue and turquoise are used to indicate fresh and saltwater, adding some bright color to your logo can have a stimulating effect. Shades of red and orange are known to promote hunger and are reminiscent of the stereotype we have of crab and lobster shells. Use them in fonts and images, particularly if going for splashes of color to liven up a seascape. Add some depth and dimension with metallic silver or bronze to emulate the iridescent sheen of fish and other aquatic life.

Include the sea to indicate freshness

When it comes to seafood, freshly caught is what catches consumers attention. They want to know they are eating the freshest food available, and that means emphasizing the relationship with water. Images of freshwater or nets teeming with today's catch, along with marinas or fish leaping out of the sea, graphically push the message your seafood is the freshest available. Our designers can help you come up with a logo for your seafood business or restaurant that is fresh and new.

By Ciara

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