Scuba Logos

Show off the appeal of deep sea diving with these scuba logos designed to attract the adventurous. Whether you have a training academy, diving club or offer excursions into tropical waters, our designers can come up with a logo that will make your scuba business stand out. There is a range of images that can be used in scuba logos from aqualungs to silhouettes of divers surrounded by shoals of fish and other exotic underwater creatures. View our recent scuba designs below to see how they capture the spirit of adventure.

Scuba logo design inspiration

Use seascapes and other underwater views

A large part of the appeal for scuba divers and snorkelers is the opportunity to view sea life in their natural habitat. Incorporate this into your scuba logo by creating an image teeming with detail. From coral reefs to shoals of fish, divers get to see a range of underwater wonders which can be easily represented in graphic form. Throw images of aqualungs, goggles or flippers into your scuba logo and potential clients will know diving is your business.

Marine blues reflect the deep

Blue, green and shades of purple are the colors used most often to represent the sea. Tropical seas are portrayed as lighter, tending towards turquoise and aquamarine shades to reflect shallow waters. Stormy seas tend to be represented as darker, with green and purple added to blue to create texture, and reflect the play of light on the surface. Ultramarine, however, is the blue most closely associated with the deep, having been named due to its similarity in color.

By Ciara

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