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Need a logo for a home repair service? We can fix that for you. Our designers have developed hundreds of logos for handyman and home repair services and can deliver one designed to build up your customer base. Whether you have a large contracting firm or are a sole trader the image you project is important. A friendly face is a good selling point for handymen along with showing off the tools of the trade. Incorporating these into your logo sends a message of reliability and expertise, as seen in the logos below.

Repairs logo design inspiration

There's no place like home

Given that home repairs are all about houses, it is a good idea to include one somewhere in your logo. Even if you are going for a wordmark or text-only logo, you can incorporate a pitched roof into the text or as punctuation. Tools such as hammers, saws, and screwdrivers are also a good to include, particularly as they help differentiate you from realtor or property management businesses. Look at how our designers have incorporated these symbols in a variety of ways to create unique, individual logos.

Use neutral woody tones and texture

While handymen provide a variety of services, those most easily represented through the use of color relate to woodwork. Shades of brown, taupe and beige evoke a range of different woods and finishes. Wood grain can be used to create a textured background or to fill in fonts, giving them added dimension. Bright colors such as red or blue should be kept to a minimum and used only where they enhance the main color theme or are relevant to the design.

By Ciara

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