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If you're looking for a logo for your recruitment or human resources firm, we have the perfect candidate. Whether you offer HR consultancy services or executive search and recruit for a specialist area, you want a logo that is informative, professional, and appealing to both clients and candidates. Our designers can help you narrow down the design options available, so you end up with the best fit for your organization and the industries you serve. Browse our curriculum vitae of recruitment logos below to find a style that meets your needs.

Recruitment logo design inspiration

Mirror the professions you are recruiting

Like all branding and marketing communications logos need to appeal to a target audience. Reflecting the style of those you are trying to attract, can make your logo more appealing. Professional services, such as legal and financial, have logos that follow traditional business styles, are primarily wordmark style, and in blue and silver. If you recruit for modern tech-based companies in the areas of web design or programming, you can opt for a more contemporary look by using lower case fonts and brighter colors.

Keep it professional but add personality

While you want your recruitment logo to be professional, you can also allow it have some personality. Recruitment is all about people, so personalizing your logo makes you more approachable. You can do this in a number of ways. If you work in a specific region, you can add in a landmark to make you more appealing to local businesses. If the business area you recruit for lends itself to it, you can make your logo playful although cartoons would probably send the wrong message.

By Ciara

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