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In the market for a new logo for your realty business? We have a range of property inspired logos designed to make you feel at home. Whether you’re a large city realty firm or a local realtor, we can supply you with a logo that will act as a welcome mat for new clients. Our designers have produced hundreds of logos for property and realtor businesses and know how to create distinctive and original designs. View their work in the gallery below to find a style that is at home with your business.

Realty logo design inspiration

Make it warm and inviting

Red and green both feature in prominently in realty logos as they are considered homely, warm colors. Many choose to go for a simple pitched roof design as this signifies residential properties. However, some realtors prefer drawings of high-rise properties or city skylines, particularly if they are city based and dealing primarily with apartments. Keys and welcome mats are also popular motifs, while For Sale signage can be used to effect, particularly when incorporating contact details into the logo.

Localize your logo

To localize a realty logo, elements specific to the geographical location and climate can be used to give it a unique identity. If you are in a coastal area, or the mountains, these can be incorporated into the graphics. For warmer climates, palm trees make an obvious choice. If you want to go for something different, using a symbol that is representative of the area can result in a different and memorable logo. Chat with our designers about what makes your location unique.

By Ciara

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